Boost Employee Engagement & Boost Business Profits

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Boost Employee Engagement & Boost Business…

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It’s often said that employees are a business’s most valuable asset, they are certainly a significant cost to any business and I believe they are a large part of the success of any business if you empower them to do their job well and increase their motivation to produce great work.
How do you do this?
There is a whole "engagement" industry out there with consultants like me who can support you. However, if you are a new start up, a micro or SME business, or a HR manager trying to add value to the bottom line at a low or zero cost here are some useful tips.
1. Build a workforce plan that is aligned to the business deliverables that can flex around peaks and troughs; then recruit the right people to the right roles.
2. Establish a competitive recruitment brand that attracts a multi skilled, varied and diverse workforce that is reflective of the communities you are based in and your clients.
3. Review structural spans and layers, ensure they are fit for purpose and make best use of good people managers.
4. Set expectations for employees of what you want them to do with clear job descriptions that ensure consistency of task and increase productivity.
5. Introduce a pay, benefits and recognition approach that rewards high performance.
6. Have regular job chats, 121s and 360 performance reviews with all employees.
7. Introduce training plans that support team and individual development whilst having clear business benefits.
8. Have employee action working groups addressing wellbeing, operational and engagement improvement.
9. Carry out a staff survey to measure and understand – attitude, feedback, motivation and willingness to recommend the business.
10. Have a multi-channel employee communications approach to updating workers on business news and successes.

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