How resilient are you?

How resilient are you?

If there’s one thing we might have learned about ourselves over the past few months is just how resilient we are, what emotions, feeling and thoughts do we experience when times get tough? Are we a worrier? Do we remain calm? Do we get despondent? Or do we stay optimistic?

Resilience is our ability to recover from difficult situations. We all have a different level of resilience, which varies over time and is dependent on our personal attributes, our environment and social support system and our biological makeup. Resilience is vital to help us thrive in challenging times and it has become a big focus amongst my clients over recent months.

Our sessions have used an empirically tested tool to help clients understand where their risks may be and how they might cope with pressure. Our work focuses on identifying where clients may have resilience risks or gaps and coaching them to identify and build coping mechanisms for success.

If you are interested in finding out how resilient you are and working with me to help you find your own strategies to thrive in these challenging times, please do get in touch.



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