Are you taking your full lunch break?

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Are you taking your full lunch break?

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Whether I’m consulting with individuals over their health, or organisations over improving their customer experience; I’ll usually begin with the most basic questions. 

When I ask if people are taking a proper lunch break, it's often met with a quizzical look, and just as often cant be answered becasue the senior team aren't even conscioulsy aware, but it is usually a good barometer of the culture in an organisation.  Either stressed and under pressure, guided by what the big bosses do, or in this case, don’t do; or lethargic and lacking in motivation to get up from the desk, not taking lunch / full lunch break, on any kind of regular basis is counterproductive and will bear out in the engagement levels of the team, and consequently the service they give. 

How you create the culture for the team to do this, without making it mandatory (which is just a different kind of dysfunction) is the 64 thousand dollar question, that I help my clients answer. Drop me a line if you’d like to chat all things culture, and how it relates to giving your customers the best experience

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  • Business Improvement
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  • Culture & Engagement
  • Service Transformation

My name is Sarah and I help organisations to provide best in class customer experience.

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