The second thief goes with your Ego!

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The second thief goes with your Ego!

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Can one person be 100% right and the other 100% wrong? That is simply impossible!

None of us can honestly say “this is my opinion” without being influenced by various beliefs, systems, traditional values, relationships, and any kind of media, you name it. The influence leads to a belief that “it’s my opinion”. This rises self-importance and feeds the Ego. Up to this point, everything is fine because anything in moderation serves its purpose.

Where is the thief in action? The problem starts when one goes on an ego-trip, characterised by grandiosity, superiority, even aggression when/if challenged.

The pride of one’s opinion is the ultimate one. The self-importance screams: ME! AND ONLY ME! However, If the others do not share the same opinion, the person will start to believe in its own meaningless being. It hurts the ego, pride and diminishes self-love. It results in loneliness and unhappiness.

Now ask yourself: Is the single cruise in the name of the “my ego” worth it? How many of your relationships, e.g. personal, professional have brutally ended up, because of your own self-importance or pride? Was it worth it to be arrogant and disrespectful to others because of the difference of opinions?

Not really, life is too short. “ Memento mori” – remember about the death.

How to kick out the thief and restore happiness? Simply, by conscious drifting away from self-centric behaviours and fully concentrating on the others, even for the short period of the time.[1] The feeling of integration being a part of significant and valuable acts builds your authenticity. Your authenticity shines on its own, connects you with others and brings you to happiness.

Mantra for Conceit: “I am connected to all that is and if I can contribute to the good of the whole, happiness will find me”.[2]

Making friends is an art of social skills. The Core Life Coaching helps to gain those skills and build healthy relationships.

“Amor fati” – Love the fate.

Authors: Ewa Babicka & Ania Abczak

[1] “The Five Thieves of Happiness” Dr J. Izzo

[2] Ibid (n1)

[part of the picture: kissing mirror: Norm Milford Blog]

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"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get" - Forest Gump.

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