Rimac take 55% of Bugatti stocks to create the first electric super car!

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Rimac take 55% of Bugatti stocks to create the…

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Rimac announced that they are taking 55% of Bugatti's stocks to create an EV super car, why is this important? Rimac has become a highly desirable brand, with many legacy automakers calling upon the startup to help build their own electric supercars and earlier this year, Rimac released the Nevera, a quad-motor, 1,914 horsepower demonstration of electric absurdity, with a top speed of 258mph and an ability to leap to zero to 60mph in less than 2 seconds. We just cant wait to see what they are going to produce. Here at ZAP Vehicle charging/ leasing we belive this is more evidence to show that the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry is about to boom, and we are here for you when it does. ZAP can supply you with a perfect EV at a perfect price and provide you with a charger for your EV all under one roof! So if you are thinking about getting an EV or if you already have one and are in need of a charger to be installed then enquire today! 
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The UK has made steady progress with electric vehicles with over 495,000 ultra-low emission vehicles now on the road across the country, driven by the government's Road to Zero strategy.

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