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It is astonishing how many people have asked me these questions when I mention to them that I am a Life Direction Consultant:
What is my life purpose?Why do I want to know my life purpose?The answers to these important questions eludes so many of us. It certainly eluded me in my late 20s when I found myself a successful finance lawyer, working for one of the biggest law firms in world. I had had the best training and was mentored by the best minds in the legal industry worldwide. I was trained and moulded to be part of the best legal firm in the world. I had enviable opportunities coveted by my peers for I had lived and worked in New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. I worked on high profile cases and received ample financial compensation for burning the midnight oil. I lived a comfortable expatriate lifestyle and was accustomed to my luxurious jetsetter lifestyle. I worked hard and played hard. I loved every minute of it!

But then I had a nagging voice at the back of my mind that had always been there since the first day of my training as a lawyer. It kept getting louder and louder the more success I achieved on my path. I kept wondering “exactly who am I helping in doing these high profile billion dollar cross border transactions?”, “what difference am I making in this world?”, “what is my contribution to this world going to be?”, “what will I have achieved at the end of my life?” and “will I be proud of the legacy I leave, if any?”.

If you have found your way to this blog I am sure you are asking yourself these questions:
what is my legacy?what will I have achieved at the end of my life?what is my contribution to this world?This quest for greater meaning and to make a difference is a world wide phenomena that has really begun to explode in the last few years.

Eventually, after about half a decade of searching for my life purpose and meaning, I hit a ceiling. I was depressed, bored and angry for no reason even momentarily experiencing suicidal feelings.

I finally decided to enlist the help of a mentor, an expert in this field, who had been through this process. It was then that I had my breakthrough moment.

I had found my life purpose! Not only that, I found out how to align with it and monetise it so that I could do the work I love for a living and make a difference in the world. This is my contribution to the world.

It took a great deal of commitment and dedication on my part and I am so happy that I am now finally on my life path, fully aligned with my life purpose.

For those of you who are curious…. my life purpose is to help others find their life purpose, align with it and monetise it so that they can do the work they feel passionate about, they feel their life has meaning and they are able to make a valuable contribution to the world.

If you are serious about finding and aligning to your life purpose it will require dedication and commitment on your part which will eventually be rewarding. It is important to get a mentor or an expert in this field to help you get out of the rut to find your life purpose and meaning. If you could find your life purpose yourself you would have done so already, this was my big discovery which lead me to my breakthrough moment.

For a free report on the 5 steps on How to be Happy in Your Work & Find Your Life Purpose & Meaning, please sign up at https://intuitivelifedirection.com/free-gift-offer1/

For my ebook “The Clear Path Formula” go to Amazon. Here is the link: amazon.com/author/nainarama

If you would like my help in doing in figuring out your life purpose, Contact Me to book a chemistry call with me. 
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Naina Rama is a life direction consultant, business advisor, author and trainer and has practised for over 20 years in the banking & finance industry.


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