Post Brexit challenge

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Post Brexit challenge

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On today of all days, after 3 years of so much negativity, I’m setting myself a challenge to start regularly exercising that part of my brain that notices the positive. It’s actually scientifically shown that we can train our minds to be better at noticing the positive as opposed to the negative (which often shouts out louder to us!).

So I’m doing the 3-gratitude a day challenge – document each day (not always publically!) 3 things I’m grateful for. To start off, yesterday’s gratitudes were:

  1. Finally submitted my assignment for the Professional Certificate in Coaching (part of my MSc in coaching an behavioural change from the Henley Business School).
  2. Started working with a new client.
  3. Have now done 14 consecutive days of mindfulness.
With our brains primed to look out for potential threats and the news very much focused on this aspect of life, we can easily go through our days barely noticing all the positive things going on, afterall many of these are small, everyday events that can easily be overlooked (a smile from a loved one or a project completed). But to bring attention to those aspects of our lives that we can be grateful for has been shown to help boost resilience and reduce stress. Luckily, the more we do it the easier it becomes...we may need this in the months to come!
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