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The tragic demise of Superman actor Christopher Reeve in 2004 doesn’t detract from his famous saying that, “Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

It has particular poignancy and resonance for those facing career challenges.

Proteus is often the first port of call for those who seek to do something about a failing career.

“I hate Monday morning! My situation is hopeless,” is a phrase we often hear.

Never give up hope: there is always a solution if you seek guidance and work at it proactively.

The first stage is to identify why you feel unhappy.

We work with you to determine what’s wrong with your working environment.

Are you bored; do the company’s values go against your own; are you under-challenged or over-worked; is your emotional intelligence insufficiently robust; are some employees’ attitudes offensive; are you being bullied; is the volume of work overwhelming; do you feel undervalued; are your career drivers being satisfied; is the environment toxic; what about sexual harassment?

Once we know what the problem is we are then in a much stronger position to be able to help you find a solution!

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