Welcome to Swiftstone Risk Management Ltd

Welcome to Swiftstone Risk Management Ltd

As a new member I wanted to introduce myself and my company. I am Martyn Linton, Founder of Swiftstone Risk Management Ltd. I specialise in working with start up, small and medium businesses to protect themselves from reputation damage and legal claims as a result of insufficient training, safety procedures and company policies.

We take the time to get to know your business and how it operates to identify areas of risk. After this we produce a report detailing recommendations such as training requirements, specialist health and safety support requirements and products that will help you reduce or even eliminate the risks.

For all of my working life the theme has been keeping people and premises safe. I have worked in the hospitality industry, the security industry and more recently the police service and continue my passion for promoting public safety through my company Swiftstone Risk Management.

If I can help you protect your business protect your business please contact me. I am more than happy to have a no obligation discussion.

Thank you for welcoming me to London Professionals.

Martyn Linton

All of my working life has involved keeping people safe. From the early days working in security through to a career as a commended Detective keeping people safe has been my passion.

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