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Feel calmer. More in control. Find your new sense of balance

Counselling can’t change what’s happened. 

However, together we can find a way for you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

I offer a range of counselling services to individuals in the Birmingham area and beyond. My sessions are offered either as face to face, telephone or via a video link.


I offer an integrative approach where I am trained in a number of different methods. Depending on your goals I will draw on my skills and knowledge to best meet your needs.

My area of expertise is anxiety where I will work with you to have better contro of it. It may be learning some management techniques or it may be understanding the root cause of it, especially if you have been suffering from it for a number of years.


One to one sessions: offered as either face to face, telephone or via video link.

Drop in days: offered as either a day or half a day for organisations where staff are able to book in for a one off one to one session with a counsellor to focus on aspects of anxiety and stress. These sessions will be a practicial approach giving staff technqiues to help manage levels of anxiety. 

Managing anxiety package - offered either on a one to one basis for six sessions or as a day session for groups/organisations. This package is a practical course where individuals will learn ways to practically manage anxiety and stress. 

Supervision - From time to time, as professionals we need support. Someone independent to shed light on something you can’t make sense of. Maybe academic guidance as you work towards qualification. Reassurance and advice when you’re questioning a decision you made or the right way to handle a situation. 

This is when you need a fresh perspective from someone who understands. That’s why I offer supervision and coaching to students, counsellors, and professionals in helping roles.


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