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Potential Issues for Accountants

Many companies are still unaware of their potential to claim under the UK Government’s R&D Tax Relief Scheme.

Those that do claim without specialist help often underclaim or make fundamental mistakes and face enquiries.

Those that could have claimed for many years often feel a sense of frustration about opportunities lost when they finally do claim, so it is an important issue to consider when looking at a company's corporation tax affairs.

Research has shown that companies often find out about the scheme through marketing number of whom are owned by accountancy firms). These activities often disrupt existing relationships.

Working with RandDTax

RandDTax is an independent consultancy. We have helped over 1,100 clients gain in excess of £112 million in support since September 2012. We have processed in excess of 6,000 claims and have a 100% success record.

Our approach is different. We focus purely on the R&D scheme, our fees are extremely competitive with other well-respected suppliers, and we work closely with in situ accountancy firms. About 80% of our introductions are from accountants.

Our preferred model is to partner with accountancy firms so that their clients can benefit from our expertise, knowledge and experience in claiming R&D Tax Relief.

We already work collaboratively with a large number of accountancy firms (our partners) and don't jealously guard our specialist knowledge. Indeed, we believe in helping our partners to better understand the R&D process as to raise their awareness.

By providing R&D Tax Support to our accountant partners we resolve all of the issues listed above whilst helping their clients to benefit from a valuable source of Government funding.

For more details about working with RandDTax please contact Steve Smith.



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