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Having worked hard to create a sizeable estate, how would you feel if it was lost to attackable events such as:

????(MARRIAGE AFTER DEATH), which could lead to your children being disinherited.

????(FUTURE DIVORCE), meaning half of your child's inheritance being lost in the divorce settlement.

????(GENERATIONAL INHERITANCE TAX), which is further inheritance tax on your estate after it has passed on.

????(CARE FEES), having to sell your home to pay for your care.

All these attackable events are avoidable if you have the correct planning. Having just a Simple Basic Will isn't enough these days and is the main cause that triggers these attackable events.

I have helped thousands of clients all over the UK, create peace of mind, proven strategies to protect and preserve their assets and wealth for their loved ones after death.


Two things decided us on sorting out our affairs, our age and Covid-19. Mike stepped in and has always been friendly and able to explain what to do and why in words a normal person can understand. He has been quick to reply to any questions, happy to go over anything again if we didn’t quite understand and easy to chat to about our ideas. We would highly recommend Strategic Asset Protection. (Mrs D Brooks)

We had been putting off dealing with our wills for some time. Finally, with Mikes expertise and guidance we now have in place a comprehensive will and measures to protect our estate for the future. Thank you Mike. (Mr L Turner)

HOW IT WORKS: We arrange an initial call to talk through your situation and take some initial information about the asset held to determine the size and makeup of the estate.

I then produce a bespoke Recommendation Report outlining everything needed to fully protect your estate based on your areas of concern and assets help

If you are happy with the recommendation I then take you through the process of taking your instruction and start producing all the documents ready for signing.


???? Will Writing
???? Trust Planning
???? Nil Rate Band & Residence Nil Rate Band Trusts
???? IIP (Interest in Possession Trusts)
???? Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
???? Property Trusts (PPPT)
???? Asset Protection Strategies
???? Cross Option Agreements
???? Business Estate Planning Solutions
???? Agricultural Estates and Planning Solutions
???? Inheritance Tax Strategies
???? Buy To Let Strategies
???? Life Insurance and Pension Trusts
???? Funeral Plans

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