My role at Think4 is a multi-faceted position which includes all the elements you would expect from an account manager working within the technology sector.

I work with existing clients to help their businesses grow through the use of I.T. informing them of new technologies and methods of working. Through Think4 I offer support and assistance to companies who require an 'outsourced' IT department, I also offer technology and strategy planning for companies who have an internal department and require assistance with IT purchasing as well as specific technology assistance in areas such as VMware, Citrix, Storage Solutions, High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

I also help develop new business relationships at Think4 this is mainly through first person referrals but also through outbound marketing activities. Developing new strong relationships with new clients is based upon providing the correct advice and good value services. Many new customers are surprised of the savings we can help them realise on solutions and hardware.


Current areas of expertise: VMware, Citrix, Virtualisation, Storage, Hewlett Packard Solutions, Business Networks, Cloud Provisioning of Technology.

Personally I have had a broad ranging life in the IT sector. This includes being a IT technician, computer programmer, network support technician as well as my current role (now over 3 years) as an account manager. The diversity of my roles now allows me to understand the needs of my clients more fully and ensure that the advice given meets the clients needs.


  • Think4 IT Solutions Ltd

    Account Manager
    - Current

Interests and Hobbies

Technology (obviously)
Sports (football, squash, badminton, snowboarding)
Travel (Mountains in the Winter, Cities in the Summer, I don't do beach holidays)

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