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Management, SEO and web design consultant with 18+ years experience in the industry.

I have always taken the skills learned in a previous job, and gone on to expand upon them in my next endeavour. I worked as a web designer and SEO Specialist at DesignIn2Net for 16years, gaining valuable, hand-ons experience in the field. I then took the next step by opening a specialist SEO & Web Design agency, Bootcamp media.

We have progressed year on year thanks to staying one step ahead of the curve. Most startup web development firms don’t make it past their first year, whereas we are coming up on our fourth anniversary looking stronger than ever.

I am a confident, assured manager, but I haven’t lost touch with the values that I learned during my time as an active web designer and SEO Specialist. I believe strongly that customer trust is more important than any financial benefits, and I intend to maintain that core ethos even as I endeavour to grow Bootcamp Media even further.


  • Bootcamp Media

    Managing Director
    - Current
    Bootcamp Media

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