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Trade credit insurance protects your business against both commercial and political risks that are beyond your control. It protects your company against the failure of your customer to pay their trade credit debts owed to you. These debts that can arise as a result of that customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within agreed terms and conditions (i.e. ‘protracted default’).
Credit insurance is a unique facility that is designed to protect the lifeblood of many companies – the sales ledger. It works in conjunction with the credit management function to enhance the processes and procedures but not to replace them. Whilst it improves the quality of your bottom line it can also enable profitable growth, minimizing the risk of sudden or unexpected customer insolvency. The facility gives you the confidence to extend credit to new customers and improve access to funding, often at more competitive rates. It is for short-term account receivables – i.e. those due within 12 months, whether these are domestic or export.


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