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I’ve been a business owner since 2012 and it has been a roller coaster of a ride with many ups and downs. It has come with many challenges but one in particular stood out, which was my health. It got to a point in my business over time that I started to notice that my productivity was a lot lower, finances took a hit, I was juggling many things with very little time for myself and my brain just felt cloudy and indecisive most days, I even felt frustrated with my team to get things done properly like I wanted it to be. I started to exercise less and less because the business needed more attention, my diet wasn’t as healthy as it normally would be and I always felt guilty when it came to social events because I felt I needed to work on the business rather than having fun.

After finishing up with the first business in Jan 2018, I took some time out and it felt great for a short while however, my body was in pain. I had hip pain on both sides most days, back pain, right knee pain, I couldn’t eat certain foods and my stomach was topsy turvy frequently. Nov 2018, I came to know that I had a bacterial infection inside of me for a long while that I didn’t even know I had. 

Well one thing for sure that in any business a proactive, positive mindset is one of the key pillars you need to implement to achieve great results, however what if mindset wasn’t the problem and that the fear, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, self doubt, worry you all go through massively at some stage in your life was perhaps down to how your body is currently working?

Can you honestly say that you are getting all the basics of health done well most of the time such as food, sleep, movement, water? Most of the time, it’s a no and this is not because of a ‘bad’ attitude or lack of time, you just don’t know why it’s happening and how to begin sorting it out with the right support partly because the amount of misinformation out there today on being ‘Healthy’. Most of the time, you do your best with the resources you have.

Within 3 months, I was out of the danger zone and I have been since because I became aware of what my body was telling me, I took responsibility that actually it was a combination of physical, emotional and mental stress over the years that led me to a bacterial infection and I took the right course of action to get a different positive result. It wasn’t about joining a gym or downloading a diet plan off of the internet. I now understand which foods work well for me and which ones I react to, I even know which foods will make feel sluggish to a point it changes my thought process, to me that’s pretty powerful especially in business when you need to lead by example, make key decisions and manage a team.

So why The Gut?

The Gut is your second brain, around 75% of your immune system is in and around your digestive system alone and If your gut isn't working properly, it starts to affect all the other systems in your body, how you feel and how you think on a day to day basis. Until you understand the root of the issue, no amount of medication, exercise and diet plans, doctor’s appointments is going to help long term. Your symptoms are your communication signals from your body, not the root of the problem.

If you are open to looking at your health in a different way other than just diet and exercise and getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and you can honestly start to feel that it’s affecting the company you work for, the business you are running, the team you are managing as well as your professional and personal relationships then simply connect with me on here and let’s just have a chat.


  • The Gut Intuition ltd

    CEO & Founder
    1 - 5 Employees 2018 - Current
    The Gut Intuition ltd

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