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I help men awaken their inner hero. For executives wanting more from life. I provide you with the tools and techniques to fulfil your life ambitions and goals. To become the hero in your own life-time!


Here are some of the unique aspects I provide with my packages;

Ultimate Performance Blood Test - Do you want a health check that covers everything from the basics to a deep-dive into hormones and nutrition? If you want to learn as much about your body as possible and then be able to track your progress as I fine-tune your diet and fitness then this is the test for you.

Athlete Report DNA Genotype test - DNA sequencing has opened the door to personalised approaches to health and fitness, enabling a more intelligent approach to training, recovery and performance.

In this report, we present elements of your unique DNA profile that have been shown to affect athletic performance.

From both of these tests, I will design and create a fully comprehensive nutrition and fitness program that will optimize your health and take you to a higher level in your life. 

Clients of mine will also have access to my specialized Man Survival Weekend whereby participants will learn Survival basics, bushcraft skills, navigation, undergo personal development, learn about their own leadership capabilities and build effective teamwork. These weekends are not for the faint-hearted so be warned.  


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AFN-CIMSPA-REPS Certified in Nutrition

Strength and Conditioning Education -REPS -Certified Strength and Conditioning fundamentals

CIMSPA Certified Life Coach

Interests and Hobbies

Fitness, health and nutrition





Quantum Physics

Biochemistry and human physiology 

Thai boxing

Mountain climbing




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